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Art Gallery Open Space

A different Kind of management agency. For the artist, with the artist.

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Visual ARTS

After 9 Studios Visual Arts

We provide Artists funding and support in a multitude of industries such as, fine arts in the visual medium, film & television. To find out more visit our artists page. 


Authors, poets, screenplay writers, in all aspects of literary work can find support and funding in the likeminds programs. Visit our artists page to find out more information.

After 9 Studios Literary Arts


Read testimonials and reviews from our artists and clients.

performing arts

If you are an artist in any field involving sound development or production let us help you reach your highest potential. More information is available on our artists page.

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The LikeMinds program helps artists of any background or field connect to individuals or companies that can help take their passion to the next level. Find out more of what we can do for you.

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