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Desert Nature

Celina's Blade

Queer Creator and Curator

About Celina

Celina is a queer creator living and creating in Tkaronto. Their work as an expressive arts psychotherapist constantly engages them in the discovery of healing as an art form. This takes shape in their artwork, meant to tempt the human heart into a love affair with the wild world.


By binding magical ecology with the mundane Celina aims to call out the warrior in all beings. They are fighting for a radical re-imagining of our existence and relationships with one another, systems of power and the earth.  Each of their creations holds the desire to transform, and breathe life into the light of the human soul.


They also work as a curator at The Art's Market in Riverdale where you can find their artwork, teach Performing Arts at Jake's House for folks living with Autism, work with the Pomegranate Collective to curate engaging arts programing in the city and is launching an NGO called NeighbourGOOD through a partnership with Evergreen Brickworks. If they're not busy working away on those you can find them in the woods, in the water or dancing underneath the full moon. 

You can find their work @celinas.blade on Instagram.

Celina's Artwork

Selected Pieces

Contact After 9 Studios to get availability and pricing information for Celina's Blade's work. Exclusively sold through After 9 Studios.

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