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A Dream Within A Dream

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

The story of how the idea of After 6 Studios, and its mission statement came to be. Filed under stories.

One night while sitting on the bed, we could hear a group of young boys talking about all their ideas and how they could make them a reality. They were using the living room as a makeshift conference room/office. We would make sure to stay up in the room so they could have their meetings.

They had so many dreams, so many plans, but something was missing, just one thing that could make all this happen.

Patricio and I just started talking, and we came up with one idea, if we could make the one person that all these projects revolve around famous, we could help them make their dreams come true.

One of these young men was Xander Ellis, who at twenty years old had already planned out how his life was going to be; he wanted it all. He had already come second in his first bodybuilding competition, his first time competing, and took a silver medal home. He had now set his sights on starting his own business and turning it into a multibillion-dollar company. We had tried and helped as much as we could. When he decided to quit his job to concentrate on the business, we said yes because we knew he would make it.

This idea was going to help his business and, at the same time, help us bring an old dream back to life. So you see, this is why there was a dream within a dream.

So After 9 Studios was reborn, it was initially created to be a dance studio in 2004. I used to be a show dancer, and dancing was my passion, but I was never into competitive dancing; I just wanted to dance to make people happy with my dancing. It was also my escape and therapy. I saw many dancers and artists struggling to make it, to get just one chance to show the world how good they were, but it is not easy. I was lucky enough to have friends in the right places, and not many artists are that lucky. I wanted to help out, but back in 2004, I was not sure how I would do it. Now with this new idea, we realized we could help out many artists, it was no longer just about helping our son. It was about helping everyone who had a dream.

We want to take this opportunity to welcome everyone to After 9 Studios, a family business based on family values. Our artists become our children. We also want to introduce you to our first project. Kolt is not an artist, but he is the person whose life our first project is based on. Peyton Dracco is the writer, and now he is an artist - This would make him our first baby. Xander Ellis, as mentioned above, is our son and the reason all this started. He is also very much a part of the day to day operations of After 9 Studios.

We look forward to helping many of you, and we welcome you to our family.

Jennifer P. Rodriguez

Co-owner and Director of After 9 Studios

Direct Line: 289-500-9331

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1 comentario

Ione Palmer
Ione Palmer
13 jul 2021

Interesting & shows how powerful dreams are & love for our family & friends is a great motivator. With hard work, perserverance dreams can become a reality. Thanks for sharing, Peyton.

Me gusta
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