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After 9 Studios Welcomes Peyton Dracco (Our First Literary Artist)

Peyton J. Dracco is After 9 Studios' first literary artist. He is the author of The 8-13 Project, a semi-fictional account of the events surrounding what Loretta Lynch called the biggest crime of its kind in history. Peyton also wrote the new, factual depiction of Kolt Curry's life and his involvement with the aforementioned criminal case.


Peyton writing
Peyton writing The 8-13 Project, Book 1

For someone who now writes for a living, writing about myself remains challenging.

My name is Peyton J. Dracco, and I have the privilege of being After 9 Studios' first client. I have worked closely with the team for over a year, and it has proven to be one of the best choices I've made regarding my career as a professional author.

I didn't want to write books before. I indulged in blogging for many years, and in it, I found a comfortable channel to share my ideas with others. I did not think I could write a book if I'm honest, I wanted to put my thoughts into the world, and I wanted to do it quickly.

This predilection for short essays and quick rants is still strong, but the love for writing long prose I now observe is intense. This love developed as the result of being called to compose The 8-13 Project - an experiment that would tell us if we could write the true story that inspired that first book.

It turns out that we could, and we did.

With the support of the After 9 team, I have completed the second project, a four-hundred-page volume depicting the events of Kolt Curry's life and his involvement in a historically significant case that moved the world's financial markets. The book is in its editing phase and is due to be released in October of 2021.

I must emphasise the importance of loving what I do now, and while I always have loved my work, writing is the most enjoyable part of my professional experience.

Writing is a different challenge.

The endeavour of composing a message in a way that is correctly understood by those who read it is an intellectual adventure I am happy to share with After 9 Studios.

I'm happy to be a part of the team.

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