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Literary Arts: Everything Is Better With Friends

Originally titled: We are Back and We Brought Friends. Filed under literary arts


It pains me to admit that I have not written anything for Love’s Dialogue in a while. I could say that I did not have time for it, and that would be true, but it would also relegate this project to a less important place than it deserves. The truth is that the last six months were busy. I am in the process of finalising the editing phase of my new book. This project has brought me to a strategic partnership with a fantastic re-emerging company named After 9 Studios. This company is fantastic for many reasons, not least important of which is the people who make up its ranks. If this portal is about love, then this company we now partner with is a perfect ally in our mission.

After 9 Studios’ history and mission statement are elegant. The company was founded as a dance studio and was forced to shut its doors due to health concerns of its owner and principal, who suffered a work-related accident and subsequently endured years of recovery. It is a pleasure to write that Jennifer – the founder and co-owner of After 9 Studios – completed her healing journey successfully and kept her passion for art and music strong. A former dance teacher and performer, Jennifer knows the difficulties artists endure while mastering their craft and trying to make a career of it. She now helps budding and struggling artists achieve success.

Our goal is to help struggling artists make their dreams come true. There are many artists out in the world who due to lack of funding or support never get to make their art known.

Jennifer, for After 9 Studios

Jennifer’s stories of suffering, success and new-found love (she co-owns After 9 Studios with her husband, the father of her youngest son) warrant many more pages than I can submit here. I will suggest that a book be written about her efforts to overcome seemingly insurmountable odds, and I would be honoured to write it – I hope she takes my suggestion to heart.

This partnership between Love’s Dialogue and After 9 Studios promises to take us forward into wonderfully unknown territory. Jennifer and I have spoken about publishing the Love’s Dialogue Anthology, a compendium of all the fabulous stories our authors write.

These are exciting times, and I’m glad to have taken the time to stop by here. Like this partnership, I also promise to continue writing for us – I have missed this much more than I can explain.

Peyton, for Love's Dialogue


Love's Dialogue is a community where people share their stories about love and all its consequences. You can visit Love's Dialogue to see the work they do for After 9 Studios.

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