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The guilty Verdict and the First Reveal

The reverberations of a lie, the death of a simple truth, and the Devil's tears all compound to keep the world blissful. Blissful of a guilty verdict for players unknown.

The First Reveal

Kolt Curry and his trial
Justice and Fairness

As words of deception echo dramatically in the social winds, the same winds that one day will carry the scent of their vindication, the verdict is guilty.

"Guilty!" They all say as the essence of the message gets lost in the obscenities of emotional conjecture.

"Monsters!" They exclaim, regurgitating the media's description of men they simply don't know.

"We are monsters," agree the men for whom the world's judgement is so severe. "We lied, we stole, we cheated - nothing will change that."

But there is more. There is always more...

From the final chapter of a book still untitled due to security reasons.

More Coming Soon.


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