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Welcome, Jardin de Acero (Iron Garden) Metal Sculpture

The story behind Iron Garden is as interesting as their work. They are a group of industrial welders turned artists because of necessity - the necessity to work and pay the bills to be exact.

You can read more about them or inquire about their work on their page:

After 9 Studios is happy to welcome these amazing artists into the family and expand our reach internationally. While we plan to have many blog entries and article for Jardin de Acero, today we will let their work do the talking.


Here is a video of the Iron Horse being painted.

The Eagle and the Horse

The Iron Owl, Horses, and Natives.


These pieces are for sale in Canada exclusively through After 9 Studios. Go to their page to see more of their work and to inquire about prices and delivery.

Stay tuned for more art content and news. Thanks for stopping by.

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