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Why we're a different kind of management agency. 

After 9 Studios' goal is to help artists - especially those struggling - make their dreams come true.  There are many artists out in the world who never get to make their art known due to lack of funding or support . Each individual is a special project for us and we see all our projects through to the end.

We offer the opportunity for any artist who wants to make it and has the drive to make their dreams a reality. We offer funding, support and guidance. We make all the contacts and professional links and take care of all the advertising and marketing.




Previously owned a dance studio and has worked on sales most of her working career. A Business Development Specialist that has helped increase and more than double sales in different companies. She is an ex professional dancer that knows personally the struggle of artists.

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Having moved to Canada only a few years ago he is already the co-owner of After 9 Studios which is dedicated to help struggling artists make their dreams come true.  Patricio is a Systems Analyst from Ecuador, where he has held several management positions with government institutions. He started as the head of the IT department  for a hospital in Ecuador and in only a few years went on to become the hospital's administrator.

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