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Message From The President, Part 2

Message from the president, part 2
Second Weekly Message from The President of After 9 Studios

Hello fellow art lovers, today I wanted to let you know about some projects that we are working on at After 9 Studios. We have an upcoming vlog where we will be interviewing artists we find on the streets, we want to know what inspires them and keeps them going.

We also have an amazing group of artists from Mexico that have signed with us, their profile should be up on our page very soon. Look them up, their sculptures are amazing.

We have an event coming up this month with Vibe Cannabis.

We will be posting pictures and videos, stay tuned.

Post introducing our new friends will follow throughout the week.

Jennifer P. RodriguezCo-owner and Director of After 9 Studios Direct Line: 289-500-9331

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