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A Special Message from Our President on Mental Health

Mental Health Support
Mental Health Is Our Priority

Hello, fellow art lovers, Let's talk about new projects and mental health.

We had an amazing night.

We were part of an event hosted by our partners Vibe Cannabis. Stay tuned for pictures and videos. We will like to thank Vibe, Xander Ellis, Peyton Dracco and Dora LaFleur for helping to make this night such a success.

The people we met, so many new connections and I can not wait to start working with each and every one of you.

I also learned something that I have not shared before with you guys and is mental illness.

I personally suffer from Mayor depressive disorder, P.T.S.D and O.C.D. We need to start talking about this more. The more we share about our experiences, the more people out there with any mental illness will feel like they are not alone. We need to come together and, through art, help each other.

Art is an outlet that allows us to let out so much of those feelings that can even lead us to hurt ourselves because, with depression, that is what happens often. We think of hurting ourselves very often. After 9 Studios will join anyone in any effort to make mental illness less of a stigma. I hope you guys can join us.

Remember, “Art is our lifeline”.


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