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How After 9 Studios Was Born

This is Patricio's explanation of how After 9 Studios was reborn into the company it is today. Filed under Stories.

People Brainstorming
Making Dreams Come Trus

It all began with a conversation about the dreams of our eldest son Xander. On a typical night of usual meetings to discuss the projects they had in mind, three young people and two adults were among them. I think it was the 1500th meeting in less than five months, in which they talked about what to do to give life to a project and when we heard that, the idea of giving them a push with something that was already done and it was also the opportunity to help our son. The idea was to polish the project that Peyton had already done, but because this was his baby, he decided to write a whole new book. It was the opportunity for many projects and to reopen my wife's dream that she left it one day due to negative factors of other people that led her to close it. But This time, she was no longer alone since all of us who formed after 9 studios decided to help her get her business back, but those who know Jennifer know that her life was surrounded by the world of entertainment as a professional dancer and participating in many shows in Canada.

The Xander project had also had a very hard road since many negative and positive things had happened at the same time. Among the people who have trusted us is our writer Peyton Dracco, a graphic artist, an international craftsman, and we continue making connections with business allies to make this dream a reality, not just for us but also for many artists who trust us.

After 9 Studios is a family business with a very big mission: to help as many artists as possible to fulfil their goals and not be hidden anymore and give them the position they deserve and with a vision of taking possession of the world of art.

Patricio, Co-Owner of After 9 Studios.

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